Community Connect Harpenden

-Vision and Mission

‘Connecting community services to community needs’


Community Connect Harpenden seeks to act as a catalyst in connecting public services to the needs of local community.   Through innovation, creativity and self sustaining initiatives, Community Connect will not only provide real needs for real people, but empower others in the process of serving local projects and initiatives. 

Activities and objectives of the company:

Community Connect Harpenden will provide a structure for community projects and services to be initiated and set up.  Our objectives are to provide affordable services for people with real needs.  As a Community Interest Company (CIC) we are not profit driven, and aside from operating costs, all profit will be reinvested into exisiting and new projects.

One of the initial activities of the company will seek to benefit the local community by providing bus transport opportunities for group bookings.  This could include school day trips, local charities and other service based organisations.

The Little Green Bus – Creating new possibilities in public services

The overall plan is to set up a new bus service in the town of Harpenden and surrounding areas.  Termed ‘The Little Green Bus’, this will establish a round robin route connecting care homes to the town centre.  Not only that, but also covering less popular bus routes not currently covered by existing bus companies.  This service will help older members of society to get into main shopping districts or to the Doctors.  Or, as in many cases, to visit a spouse who has already had to go into a permanent care home. 

Can you imagine what it must be like to see your spouse moved into a care home due to deterioting health, only to find yourself alone in a once cherished family home?  Perhaps driving a car has become too difficult and trying to visit your loved one is quite an undertaking.  Taxis, buses, walking…….we don’t believe this is ok and our hope is that the Little Green Bus will bring hope to those in need.

What other connections can we make?

We envisage future activities of the company to start up in various areas of local community life.  Not just in offering public transport.  Examples of this might be a ropes course for team building and youth work.  A recording studio for up and coming artists and bands to get started.  An arts café for creative workshops and showing casing local artists.

The list could be endless!  Employment initiatives that help people start up their own businesses, creating opportunities for the local community to invest in overseas projects amongst the poor.  We are also looking at starting up a practical ‘fix it’ bus that offers free practical help to those in need in the community.  This might include gardening jobs, decorating or general fix it jobs.  Watch this space!

A few interesting words to consider:

Altruism.  noun

1. the principle or practice of unselfish concern for or devotion to the welfare of others 

Philanthropy. noun

1. altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement, usually manifested by donations of money, property, or work to needy persons, by endowment of institutions of learning and hospitals, and by generosity to other socially useful purposes. 

Does pure altruism exist in today’s world?  I do not know the answer to this question as it is hard to measure exactly.  What I do know is that pre-occupation with self - interest/concern/gratitude/-ishness…… is  a growing malady in the Western world.   We believe it is time to dust off this word once again and others like it, such as philanthropy, and to explore their true meaning in today’s society.   

We cannot make judgements on others as to their engagement in these words as a way of life, or a way of business.  We can only each act upon this positively, seeking to live altruistic lives wherever we find ourselves to be living.   To care for others and to seek to make a difference for those who are in need is the very essence of life.  It could even be the reason we are alive.

Help us make Community Connect Harpenden to be a model of business minded altruism, to be a beacon to other communities seeking to connect services to needs, a devotion to the welfare of others……..